At Rite Passage the focus is on honoring the transition to adulthood, not on professionals reporting to parents.

We will help you gain independence, stay connected to your family, while fully committing to a healthy young adult experience. The core of Rite Passage is independence and natural outcomes. Our clients are provided the following opportunities:

Independence in the program is contingent on your level of engagement. While our goal is to provide the least amount of structure necessary, falling below basic standards brings intervention. 

Though Rite Passage provides a daily resource for the client, it’s important to understand that much of the program is optional and depends on your choice and level of engagement. We offer incentives that mirror adult life in order to best prepare you for independence and productive young adulthood. Balancing the demands of academics, work, family connection, and social life is essential to college completion and vocational attainment. Rite Passage prepares clients for a meaningful and productive adulthood.

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Did You Know?

We do not report back to parents: the client is solely responsible for updating their parents on their progress, goals, and struggles.