Rite Passage will help re-define autonomy while helping families stay emotionally connected.

We provide independence and respond to your child’s level of engagement. The structure of the program is focused on the development of healthy motivation, which expands as your young adult feels the momentum of productive decisions and achievements. 

One unique aspect of Rite Passage is our dedicated parent coaching program. A thoughtfully designed curriculum is delivered by experts through weekly parent coaching sessions. Your personal parent coach will help you navigate the challenge of balancing autonomy and connection. 

We recognize that transition can be a time of high anxiety for parents. During your young adult’s time at Rite Passage you will be encouraged to participate in regular parent coaching sessions. Our Parent Coach will partner with you to explore the type of adult relationship you’d like to have with your child as they transitions into young adulthood. We will explore what healthy adulthood means to you and your family, and how to encourage and support your child’s journey toward independence. Your individualized coaching sessions will focus on a variety of topics including healthy communication, age-appropriate boundary setting, self-care, developmental stages, parental roles, and how to partner with Rite Passage to best support your young adult. It can be difficult to know where you, as parents, fit into this process and your parent coach will support you in navigating your new role.

Did You Know?

Rite Passage offers a short term gap program for clients transitioning from high school to college. Spending the summer at Rite Passage will help clients lay a strong foundation and develop good habits that will carry them through their freshman year and beyond.